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I appreciate the response :)

The study mentions the university's Psychology Department Research Subject Pool. I imagine people submit their name for consideration for any study so it's not as if the subjects specifically picked the study themselves.
I really don't know how the subjects entered the study pool. When I was part of a follow-up study a couple of years later, I simply answered a vaguely-worded advertisement in the campus newspaper. Since these subjects received partial course credit the implication is that these were students taking psychology courses. I think you're right; the normal approach is to reveal nothing about the study itself until afther the student agrees to be part of the study pool.

Anyone who admitted to same-sex sex or same-sex desires would have been eliminated from consideration.
Quite true. The report does not actually say what proportion of the study pool was chosen for the laboratory portion of the study. Chances are, all of the exlusively hetero respondants were given the opportunity to be fitted for the penile plethysmography.

The authors were hesitant to say that simple "unease" with gay porn is equivalent to homophobia. I don't see a real difference: it seems to me that overt hostility doesn't appear in a vacuum, it has to start from feeling uneasy in the presence of man-on-man intimacy, and be blown out of proportion by trauma, self-loathing, or some other indoctrination.

Bingo! This business about allowing for romantic relationships with other guys just tears me up inside. In an ideal world all guys would be flattered to be the object of someone's desire. We would all know what to say and how to act to de-escalate the emotional stakes if two guys don't quite hit it off the way they hoped, and we would all be happy to cuddle and would routinely show affection to each other. Would every embrace lead to sex? Probably not, but simply allowing for the possibility puts you in a mindframe that is itself rewarding.

Where is this place, and why aren't I there already?

Uh, did you just say "take over the world"? Wouldn't that be sweet!

Seriously, it may take generations to undo the damage created by the christer-dominated sexual paradigm. In the meantime I suppose there are things that could be done to promote the grero concept, to get the term (or something equivalent) into common currency. I'm thinking for example of an on-line supplier for sports clothing, underwear, ball caps, etc all with the grero logo on them. People who purchase the product would be presented with the explanation, and once the image becomes commonplace it would become the symbol for a community of like-minded men, men who are proud of achieving their full potential.

Another way might be to encourage the male-male interactions that are commonly associated with greco-roman culture, such as naked sports. Swim teams traditionally practiced )and competed?) without suits; I'm not sure when that changed or why, but it may be time to put some effort into reversing the trend.

These are just some loose ideas that float to the surface at 3am when i can't sleep. Because I identify as male-only gay (although masculine) my thoughts consistently veer off into sex so I have to leave it to others to determine how these things fit within the grero mindset.

The study on homophobia you quote intrigues me because I worked at the University of Georgia during the time period of the study, and would have bumped into these guys on the street, on the bus, in the cafeteria... I find it interesting that the researchers had trouble finding exclusively heterosexual subjects who were NOT homophobic to some extent. Like all university towns, alternative lifestyles were more generally accepted at UGA than in the surrounding region; it was here that the B-52s and R.E.M. got their start, so you know there were plenty of high-visibility examples for students to experience. Could it be that the permissive local culture gave well-adjusted men permission to experiment, thus taking them out of the "exclusively hetersexual" pool? But then you have to wonder why a guy who has absolutely no interest in other guys would bother experimenting. Which means a permissive culture would just reveal the latent tendencies that already exist.

If undergraduate psychology students are representative of the general population (a dicey proposition at best) then it stands to reason that the proportion of male students who are both exclusively heterosexual and totally non-homophobic is very low. I wouldn't be surprised to discover if 2% of the male population is exclusively homosexual, that an equal percentage is exclusively and clinically heterosexual. What can we say about the rest? Obviously, that 95% of all males experience at least some arousal in the presence of aroused males.

But then, every woman knows that all men are sluts... But it does point out that a high proportion of the adult males in this culture are repressed in some way. And that can't be good from a mental health perspective, nor can it be good for society as a whole.

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