Author Topic: 0020: Boy Scouts Lift Ban on Gay Scouts But Not Gay Leaders  (Read 9916 times)


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Re: 0020: Boy Scouts Lift Ban on Gay Scouts But Not Gay Leaders
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2013, 12:04:14 PM »
There's an amateur Web author named James Savik who wrote
a hair-raising (but never finished) autobiographical story
entitled "Broken"
( )
describing his experience in the Boy Scouts in the
deep South in the 80s.

In Chapter 4, he describes his patrol getting lost
during a map exercise:

"It started getting dark a little after five. The kids
started getting nervous. It was obvious that we were lost
but I tried to put the best face on it. We stopped for
a little rest and took stock of our situation. . .

We stopped again and I had to admit that I had no idea where
we were. We stuck to the plan but were tired, muddy and cut
up by thorns. I could tell that Nick was shot. Scotty looked
a little worried but Brian was a trooper. He took it in stride.

It was slow going. I had to take Nick piggyback. He was exhausted.
By 8:00, we had found the road that we were looking for. We
were back in our camp by nine.

Everybody was relieved when we came in. They had been looking
for us. It wasn't hard to figure out what was wrong when
we compared our map to the others. The distances and
bearings on waypoints 6, 7 and 9 were transposed. OOPS.
No wonder we got turned around.

I'd almost forgotten Nick was on my back. He was sound
asleep and latched on like a tick. Totally exhausted by
our misadventure, the four of us went to our tent and crashed.
No radio. No fart jokes. I didn't even try to disengage
Nick's death grip. I lay down on my stomach with Nick
still latched on to my back and was dead to the world.


The next morning an angry Mr. Rainer [the Scoutmaster]
awakened us. I figured he was pissed about us getting lost.

Nick was still attached so I gently got out of his grasp.
Mr. Rainer told me to get outside now.

With an angry look on his face he growled, “What do you
think you're doing with Turner?”

I calmly explained, “Last night when we got lost, Nick
gave out and I had to carry him. When we got back, he was
sound asleep and latched on. We were all exhausted and
went to sleep where we fell.”

He looked at me suspiciously then he looked at Scotty and
Nick who were emerging from the tent. He grabbed me by the
hair and pulled me out of earshot from the others,
“I don't like that shit. I don't like it worth a damn.
I'm going to be watching you. If I see anything like
that again, you are out of here. Do you understand?”

I wasn't sure exactly what he was pissed about so I
nervously gave a generic apology. I figured that he was
pissed that I had blown the orientation course and
didn't know why. “I'm sorry sir. It won't happen again.”

He growled, “You just make sure it doesn't or there will
be hell to pay.” He turned abruptly and stormed off.

I had never seen him act that way.


After the confusing ass chewing from Rainer, I was shaken up.
I made sure that everything that I did or Scotty, Nick or
Brian did until we got home was high and tight.

I talked to Doug about it later that day. He told me not
to sweat it. He would talk to Rainer and cool things off
with the old man. . .

And it (the situation described, not the story) goes downhill
from there.  (Spoiler: the Scoutmaster takes it upon himself
to get the **police** involved.)


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Re: 0020: Boy Scouts Lift Ban on Gay Scouts But Not Gay Leaders
« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2013, 03:56:10 PM »
Good find. Exclusive heterosexuality is so natural people have to be punished in order to comply.