Author Topic: 0029: Review of Reclaiming Natural Manhood  (Read 10892 times)


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0029: Review of Reclaiming Natural Manhood
« on: June 08, 2013, 10:31:55 PM »
I have previously replied to an email from the author of Reclaiming Natural Manhood. This is the review of the book itself:

Table of Contents for Reclaiming Natural Manhood:

1. Introduction

2. Masculinity: The Male Gender

3. Understanding Natural Masculinity

4. Men and Feminity

5. Reclaiming and Celebrating Natural Masculinity

Ten Points of the review:

  • Gender is influenced by culture, but innate gender exists
  • Masculinity is not stereotypical he-man; lack of male emotions serves abusers
  • Constructed social roles = softer introduction than grero
  • Situational homosexuality, down low excuses
  • Bromance, speedos, breaking down the wall between love of friends
  • Women intrude on men's spaces, feminism
  • Darwin's fallacious focus on sex
  • Conflation via Chapter 10
  • 7 Reasons why Sexual Orientation Concept is Flawed
  • Natural Sexuality of Men: most men want men most of the time