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0050: Ayn Rand and the Guy in the Checkered Fedora Hat



Numbers problem:

Do you pluck your brows?

Are you interested in Ayn Rand?

Read Ayn Rand And The World She Made.

I do not pluck my brows. I've read both of her biographies by the Brandens so I think I'm good on Ayn Rand gossip for now :-)

Some of what Barbara says in her book(Ayn's history) are wrong because she had to rely on Ayn's word and Ayn lied to her on some things.

It was uncovered by the author of Ayn Rand And The World She Made. The author also interviewed Nathaniel Branden for the book.

What were you doing in Europe?

I believe someone posted here and that message is now gone. Why? The website was migrated to a new server using the data from before that post. Please re-post if possible, sorry!


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