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0001: Grero's Zapruder Film




Porn is often said to be disingenuous and fake. If you analyze it meticulously though, you can sometimes see the invisible hand of culture blindly guiding us to grero.

On YouTube, a gay porn studio put out a short PG-rated clip of the cheesy interview before a sex scene. Go to 0:27. Alexy (though I hear Sammy) says that he's definitely gay. "Definitely." The camera abruptly cuts to them both. Robert, on your right, says that he's straight. "I just..." Before he can continue, the gay one on the left smiles and rolls his eyes and says, "Yeah, right." Did you notice Alexy gently nudging his elbow against Robert? "Oh, come on, you're fucking guys, that's pretty gay," says the nudging elbow. "I just... I am straight," Robert declares. "I'm only gay for pay." (That gay-for-pay nonsense is dispelled in great detail in Chapter 8.)

This ten second interaction reveals grero. For Alexy, the gay guy, it's obvious: this so-called straight guy has sex with men, he's gay. What he does not understand is that Robert is actually different as he's masculine. Alexy is noticeably effeminate. But for Alexy, the whole gay effeminacy goes out the window: it's about sex only. For Robert, the overriding criterion is gender: he's masculine so even if he has sex with men, he cannot be the effeminate gay.

This is a conundrum. Science does tell us that gay men are indeed effeminate. But then how can a masculine man ever have sex with another man without violating science or calling into question his masculinity? A gay commenter of the video offers a lucid explanation:

--- Quote from: panther1814 ---Robert Long is bi. He likes fucking chicks and fucking guys. He knows he enjoys fucking a guy's ass. That's why the other guy said "Yeah right" when he said he is straight.

I had guys like this before and they love to fuck and get sucked off by a guy. Not every guy that is so called gay for pay likes to kiss but man... they LOVE to fuck and get sucked off by a guy. Gay for pay is bullshit.

--- End quote ---

Grero solves the conflation of same-sex sex with effeminacy. While most gay men are indeed effeminate (Chapter 3), most men historically had sex with other men (Chapter 1) and even in our repressed culture most men harbor same-sex attractions (Chapter 4). This conflation of same-sex sex with effeminacy is merely a historical anomaly brought about with the focus on the procreative drive of sexuality (Chapter 10).


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