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0003: It Is High Time for Sexual Netherlands


Remember the book Gay, Straight, and the Reason Why by Simon LeVay? The gay chapter (Chapter 3) borrows heavily from that work. Another citation in Grero, John Lauritsen, wrote a review of LeVay's book:

--- Quote ---Simon LeVay is obsessed with his own faulty hypothesis: that "sexual orientation" is based on inherited physical traits. He believes that gay men and lesbians are physically closer to their opposite sexes than are straight people -- in other words, they fit the stereotype: gay men are more feminine than straight men, and lesbians are more masculine than straight women. In LeVay's words: "Homosexuality is part of a package of gender-atypical traits."
--- End quote ---

Lauritsen is opposed to any science of sexual orientation because its conclusions ignore the historical evidence that most men like other men. He says correctly elsewhere, "The time has come for us to say boldly that the vast majority of human males are erotically attracted to other males, whether they admit it or not; homosexuality is nothing less than a phylogenetic characteristic of the male of our species." However, the science about gays is correct, so maybe there's a need for a revised compromise, see the first comment below Lauritsen's Amazon review:

--- Quote ---Or maybe "homosexuality" is just many different things that share a common (but vague) word? Maybe labeling based only on genitalia (to the exclusion of other dimensions like gender) is wrong. Gay men certainly are effeminate. You don't need study after study either, just a working pair of eyes and ears. So maybe gay isn't the only way to be a homosexual.
--- End quote ---

There's a reason why that comment is so astute and brilliant: I wrote in 2011, while doing research for grero. Notice that "17 of 19 people think this post adds to the discussion." Mere plebeians perhaps, but the majority of book review readers have no problems with the politically incorrect idea that gays are effeminate and that there's more to this homo stuff than gays. It appears there could be considerable support for the grero position.

Another positive development comes to us from a 2010 article on the Good Men Project, "Mostly Straight, Most of the Time." Highlights:

--- Quote ---By his own admission, Dillon says he resides in the “Sexual Netherlands” (his words), a place that exists between heterosexuality and bisexuality. In previous generations, such individuals might have been described as “straight but not narrow,” “bending a little,” and “heteroflexible.”

Dillon is part of a growing trend of young men who are secure in their heterosexuality and yet remain aware of their potential to experience far more—sexual attractions, sexual interactions, crushes, and, occasionally romantic relationships with other guys. Dillon lives these contradictions—seemingly hetero guys who now reject that label, sexual description, and identity.
--- End quote ---

Rising numbers:

--- Quote ---National surveys in the U.S. and Canada show that 3 to 4 percent of male teenagers, when given the choice to select a term that best describes their sexual feelings, desires, and behaviors, opt not for heterosexual, bisexual, or gay, but for “mostly” or “predominantly” heterosexual.
--- End quote ---

This article by Ritch C. Savin-Williams and Kenneth M. Cohen is highly recommended:


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