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0038: Honest and Voluntary Relationships
« on: July 03, 2013, 12:15:29 AM »

Hi! i must say i find you're work inspiring and and i admire you so much for it.

I wanted to share my dilemma with you hoping you could shed some light.

Being a gay man, i have encountered several problems not only with other people but in the personal. People around me are very religious and heterosexual, although they do not discriminate, i do feel this overwhelming tension on my sexuality, where it is always being put to the test by them and ultimately myself. Thing is, sometimes acting effeminate alleviates the toll on me because people cannot visualize an effeminate guy with a woman.
I understand you're book in essence refutes the idea that it has to be man and woman, and it has been helpful in so many ways to me.
The purpose of this email is to first thank you because we need more people as yourself, which brings my second reason: i feel there is much scarcity of intelligent deep thought about being an homosexual, the subjective of it, perhaps the philosophical i you will. The problem is that when there is a predominating way of thinking, people tend to give in to it. I believe that when there is a philosophy behind ones actions and motives, people stand against all hardships no matter what. I understand much effort is devoted on the civil rights and the fight for same-sex unions, yet i think this fight is blind without no philosophy behind its arguments. More than pride, we need intelligent thought and intellectual advocates to make the way steeping into the subjective, so all those people who live in repression of their sexuality might feel identified and eager to join the cause, to revolutionize and change the paradigm we have been subjugated in.

I may have been not looking in the right places, so i ask you if there are people like this and yourself to point me in the right direction...

sorry if i was confusing in my message, i tried to be as concise and clear as i could be but English is not my first language.

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  • Good, close relationships must be honest. You can't be close to someone you cannot be honest with.
  • Relationships are voluntary. If a relationship is not honest to your satisfaction, you don't need to keep it.