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Eighty years ago, there still existed in Germany a small group who believed that culture was responsible for the lack of sexuality between men and also rejected for themselves the minority status and effeminacy of gay culture. They called their magazine Der Eigene. Their beliefs and history are outlined in Chapter 12 so I will not write a summary here. But it's good to know that others like us existed who saw through the nonsense that is culture.

Or maybe it's not. I find it a bit intimidating that no one has successfully tackled this issue, and those that have tried have all failed. Also, there are no current groups of any note in this field. Why won't we share the fate of those that have come before us?

Success and failure is a matter of perspective. We cannot quickly overturn the two millennia of religious influence that has caused today's masculine-asphyxiated culture. Even in Western Europe where religion has been on the decline, there isn't any higher rate of same-sex sex or any genuinely masculine-oriented subculture. And while Grero is a better approach that may change the minds of some, most men will not change. It's like attempting to make everyone in the West eat sushi and wear top hats. We could talk health benefits, practicality, and other advantages but most will simply do as they are accustomed. Old habits like exclusive heterosexuality die hard, over many generations.

Therefore, expecting the 90% Roman figures in our lifetime (or even a majority) is a sure way to fail before even starting. However, small local groups of greros are feasible in short time. Those numbers are already on our side. In my experience, men who call themselves bisexual are generally masculine and if they read Grero, they would agree with the general conclusion. Looking at American figures, that's already about a million men (or ~1% of the population). Large metropolitan areas like Houston, Boston, or Portland then have thousands of men who are sympathetic and hungering for the grero message. The Internet can jumpstart this process.

The greatest gains though will be made in the population that is unwed (quite literally) to the idea of exclusive heterosexuality or masculinity that is defined by the exclusive attraction to the non-masculine. Would a guy in high school really want to spend hours holding in his farts on a boring date were it not for the cultural shame that same-sex attraction currently entails? Of course not: with another guy, you need not be bored out of your mind to get laid or for companionship. My hope is that Grero gives the confidence to those first few brave men to start the ball rolling. It's quite exciting to think of the possibilities. What would I have done in high school if I had this book? Scary to be sure but it helps that we have the tool that explains that same-sex attraction is masculine and exactly how gay has nothing to do with it. That's what was missing before. (Full disclosure: I'm still in my twenties but my point is that the opportunity to spread grero is highest when surrounded by lots of men, ie. high school and college. The workplace is not the best place for such ideas.)

In any case, we're back, taking the first steps of this long journey.


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