Author Topic: 0044: "How is anal sex different with a woman than with a man?"  (Read 9383 times)


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0044: "How is anal sex different with a woman than with a man?"
« on: September 09, 2013, 08:03:40 PM »

what would you say is the central thesis of your Grero book. Are you saying we are all as humans inherently bisexual? And that the repression of bisexuality in our modern civilization is leading to a slew of problems that could be resolved if we got rid of the idea of completely heterosexual humans and separating masculinity from sexual orientation?

As a straight male (I know you disagree with this term but I am most closely identified to liking women, although i suppose i could have sex with a man if i really wanted to, although i dont which is probably just societal conditioning.) But I don't understand why straight boys growing up tease each other about being gay, as an insult. Are they all just insecure that they are not 100% heterosexual and that that conflicts with what society tells them they should be? I've always wondered about that.

Thanks and keep up the good work. As a straight male i hate homophobia (even though i admit i am a little bit homophobic) and would like to see social progress in terms of how we define sexuality.

Furthermore, how is wanting to have anal sex with a woman any different from wanting to have anal sex with a man? Straight porn is nowadays more and more focusing on anal sex. I like the idea of anal sex with a woman and find it very sexy. Doesn't anal sex with a man seem like the same thing to some degree? I've always wondered why gay men wouldn't want to have anal sex with a woman. They have better asses anyway! From my perspective, I don't have much luck with women and fell very isolated sometimes so i resort to porn and i have become a porn addict. Straight/lesbian porn doesnt do much for me anymore so i look at gay porn. i dont like penis and am disgusted whenever i see it but i dont mind watching anal sex because i figure "an ass is an ass" and if i was really really horny and desperate and wanted to have sex i wouldn't be opposed to sticking my dick in a guy's ass. Partly when i get desperate it turns me on to know that gay men are much easier to have sex with than women. Does that make me somewhat bisexual? I don't think it would, it is mostly out of desperation and extreme hornyness. For example, i would fuck my bed if it had a hole in it if you get my meaning. I'm just wondering how wanting to fuck a women anal is any different from wanting to do the dame with a man. keep in mind that i also love vagina.

I would like to get a gay man's perspective, but especially you because you are masculine and maybe can get a better idea of where i am coming from.